Monday, May 16th, 2022


Facilities and Equipments

Facilities by Focus Area:

  • Biomodeling/Biomimetic Design Laboratory.

  • Bio-Manufacturing Laboratory.

  • Biomechanical Testing and Imaging Laboratory.

  • Prototyping and Fabrication Laboratory.



Biomodeling/Biomimetic Design Lab








Image Reconstruction/Reverse Engineering Software

Analyze Direct

Integrated CAD/CAM/CAE Software


Finite Element Mesh/Analysis Package


Other Packages

3D Studio Max

Inhouse Developed Software Algorithms

3D Homogenization Program
3D object reconstruction program
Custom Solver for large voxel based models

Computer Hardware

Several Custom Linux Workstation
Two SGI Octane 2
8 Terabyte D2D storage system

 Bio-Manufacturing Facility



PatternMaster II, a commercially available system with a very high feature resolution (>70 microm). This is a 3D phase change printer that utilizes one material for the build part and a second material for the support structure. Depending on the printing requirements, the machine is capable of printing the inverse of the part, basically making a mold of the part of interest.


ZCorp 510, a commercially available rapid prototyping system, is currently used for biomodeling and surgical planning model fabrication. The system uses corn starch and plaster based powders fro model fabrication combined with specific binders for model fabrication. 



Biomechanical Testing and Imaging Laboratory




Spine Testing System, is a wire and pulley system combined with an actuator to allow the controlled application of an oscillating bending moment within one plane. This forward and backward bending moment is generally applied in the flexion-extension plane or the bilateral bending plane. The system can also be confiqured for axial rotation. A follower-load cable system mimics the axial compressive load applied to the spine through the human torso. 

Bio-Robotic Arm, is a modified commercially available robotic arm generally used in the automative industry. This system has 6 movable axis and requires the collection and control of 12 parameters (3rotation, 3 translation, 3 forces, and 3 moments). The system is configures for a hybrid, allowing force feedback to modify the motion path. Such a system is ideal for stimulating physiological loading biological samples, for example the spine. Depending on the program, it is also capable of finding the fracture path by following the path of the least resistance.

Dynamic Testing Frame, is a custom frame built around a voice coil actuator. The device is capable of applying several 100 Newtons of dynamic force over a large frequency range (10 Hz to 10 kHz). A second built-in piezo-electric shaker can apply similar forces at frequencies that reach into the ultrasound spectrum. The system is used for determining the dynamic stifness and structural integrity of bone samples, bone micro-architecture duplicates and implants. Using a similar system, we already tested human subjects, of course with consent and the prior approval of our IRB. 

Scanco microCT80, is a Micro Computed Tomography system that allows the non-destructive imaging of tissue samples. Our system  is capable of imaging at a maximum resolution of 10 micrometer and a sample size up to 78 mm diameter. We can scan whole human vertebrae with our system, however, at the cost of disk space.Each image set requires a disk space of around 20 GB.

Our Lab is also equipped with a portable X-ray system, several smaller dynamic testing systems, and various data acquisition systems. In addition, we have three tissue freezers, several specimen preparation tools, and vacuum bagging system for frozen specimens to prevent freezer bums.



Prototyping and Fabrication Laboratory


Function Generator
High-Voltage Generator
Wireless Acoustic Data Transmission
Electronic Prototyping Board
Power Drill
Drill Press
Band Saw
Dremel Tools
Bridgeport Mill
Miniature Mill/Lathe Combination
Slow-Speed Diamond Saw